Orphan status: Both parents died in a boating accident when he was seven.

Birthday: November 12th. 

Star sign: Scorpio.

Age: 16.

Height: 1.88m or 6'2".

Build: Solid and stocky, but not fat.

Hair colour: Dark/dirty blond.

Eyes: Light grey.

Born: Secular World Quadrant 1, North East, Section 2-C or in the Old World — New York City, America.

Key traits: Physical presence.  An innate social intelligence, which is under-utilised.


Orphan status: Both parents killed in a car crash when she was four.

Birthday: December 31st.

Star sign: Capricorn.

Age: 16.

Height: 1.77m or 5'10".

Build: Athletic.

Hair colour: Natural blonde.

Eyes: Light watery blue.

Born: Secular World Quadrant 3, East Central, Section 4-B or in the Old World — St. Petersburg, Russia.

Key traits: Emotionally and physically tough.  Strategic mind.  Calculating by nature.


Orphan status: has been in the System since he was 3-years old. Parents whereabouts unknown, but probably dead.

Birthday: August 2nd.

Star sign: Leo.

Age: 16.

Height: 1.82m or 6'0".

Build: Muscular and athletic.  Physically mature.

Hair colour: Afro.

Eyes: Green.

Born: Secular World Quadrant 3, South East, Section 3-A or in the Old World — London, England.

Key traits: Mixed race.  Languid and easy going.  Detests violence. Intellectually lazy. 



Orphan status: N/A.

Birthday: June 11th.

Star sign: Gemini.

Age: 16.

Height: 1.72m or 5'8".

Build: Extremely broad and stocky.  Weightlifter's physique.

Hair colour: Black.

Eyes: Dark brown, almost black.

Born: Secular World Quadrant 2, Central, Section 1-A or in the Old World — Mexico City, Mexico.

Key traits: Freakishly strong for his age group.  Deeply loyal.  Instinctive almost feral intelligence.  Not academic.



Orphan: N/A (Born into a Doubter’s Camp).

Birthday: June 28th.

Star sign: Cancer.

Age: 16.

Height: 1.80m or 5'11".

Build: Wiry – like a long distant runner.

Hair colour: Asian Black.

Eyes: Dark brown.

Born: Secular World Quadrant 4, South Central, Section 17-E or in the Old World — Tokyo, Japan.

Key traits: Extremely cautious, bordering on nervous.  Analytical by nature.  Intelligent.



Orphan status: Father died of a heart attack when she was ten. Mother was an alcoholic who abandoned her to the System.

Birthday: April 15th.

Star sign: Aries.

Age: 16.

Height: 1.65m or 5'5".

Build: Small and petite.

Hair colour: Brunette.

Eyes: Hazel.

Born: Secular World Quadrant 3, North West, Section 10-S or in the Old World — Paris, France.

Key traits: Birdlike energy.  Naturally quick, both in mind and movement.  High emotional intelligence.  Photographic memory.