Book 2: Shifting Horizons

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Book 3: Creaking Dawn

In the second instalment of The Denounced, Pod Fifteen has escaped to an unknown Quadrant.  A world that bears no resemblance to anything they know.  Who do they trust and where do they go next?  The nomadic tribe seem to want to help or do they?  And what if the burial grounds have a sinister undertone tied to Dome?  Ned knows he must return home if he wants to save the others and himself.  But that means fighting a System that wants him dead.  With time working against Pod Fifteen and tough decisions to be made, hard-fought friendships are put to the test; loyalties are cut to the bone, and character flaws are exposed.  

What will Ned and Pod Fifteen ultimately do?

Find out in the next explosive instalment of The Denounced: Shifting Horizons, available in the first half of 2018 with the final instalment, book 3, Creaking Dawn, set for later in the year.  

If you would like a sneak preview, as well as additional information about the release dates send me message via my contacts page.