Shifting Horizons: book 2

      Shifting Horizons: book 2


On the Run.

Fractured Friendships.

Time working against them.

Will Ned abandon Pod Fifteen in order to save himself...



Shifting Horizons is the second book in The Denounced Trilogy.

In a future divided into Secular and Non-Secular Quadrants, a crime punishable by death is to cross Quadrants and become a Denounced.

Pod Fifteen has escaped Ilse’s cruel regime only to fall into the hands of a strange Nomadic Tribe who fill Ned’s mind with ideas of his future.  A destiny that begins to put hard fought friendships to the test; cut loyalties to the bone and further expose character flaws.  With the Powers that Be closing in, nobody is sure of who they can trust.  But one thing is for certain.

The World is in need of a Saviour.  

And what if that person is Ned?